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Elevate Your Lifestyle

Integrating home automation technology will modernize your home and give you full control over TV, Music, Lighting, Climate, Security and more all at your fingertips. Whether you’re building a new home, remodeling your existing home, or just want to refresh your technology in a room or two, we’re happy to work with you to design a solution that fits your specific needs. Our ultimate goal is to build a system that enhances your lifestyle and fits your budget. Explore our solutions below and learn more about how you can experience added control, simplicity, style, and security in your Texas Hill Country home.

Home Automation

Have total control of every room in your home anywhere, anytime, all at your fingertips, with whole home automation. Link a full suite of connected, smart technologies to the central hub and control video, music, lighting, climate, security and more, directly from your mobile device.

Home Theater/Media Room

Relax and unwind with one of your favorite movies or TV shows on a 4K projector or HDTV. Select and stream video from DirecTV, Apple TV, Netflix, your DVD collection and more quickly and easily through an integrated media system. Specially tuned HD sound systems rumble and bring the scenes on your screen to life, while acoustic paneling isolates the sound to just that room. Custom lighting scenes bring the full movie theater experience right into your home. We partner with award-winning interior design firm K. Rue Designs to bring you custom theater seating and other finishing touches to make your theater feel like home.


Lighting Automation

Set custom lighting scenes that activate when you turn on a movie, get home from work, or go to sleep at night. Adjust the lighting in any individual room or multiple rooms anywhere and anytime, directly from your mobile device. Let in the perfect amount of natural light with automated window coverings and solar shades that rise or descend at sunrise and sunset.

With Control4, we can produce custom touch pads for your wall with the names of your programmed scenes directly on the buttons. Simply press “Away” on a custom touchpad by the garage door, and all of the lights in your home will turn off at once. 


Window Coverings

Automated window coverings and solar screens that adjust themselves automatically, creating the perfect room ambiance morning, noon and night. The automation feature allows you to schedule scenes with different natural lighting and can even operate with the sunrise or sunset based on your location.

Custom Solutions - Hidden Loudspeakers

Invisible loudspeakers become part of your environment and disappear into your wall.  A thin skim coat of plaster blends them seamlessly into the wall.  Sound literally appears from nowhere solving even the most difficult design challenges

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